Friday, July 02, 2010

DIY: Laundry Boxes

Yes, I'm still on limited activity. No, I haven't been doing any projects that require me to do more than sit (like at my sewing machine) or lie down. BUT, just because I can't do a project doesn't mean projects are not being worked on around here! Enter my fabulous hubby:

Hey, buddy, doesn't look like working to me! :)
Bri has been a real trooper in listening to me whine talk about how I can't do any projects and "nothing will be done in time" before baby girl gets here. He knows that sitting around is driving me crazy but he also knows that of course I will do it if it helps the health of our child. So, he has been more than helpful by tackling some of the projects I have on "the list."

First up, laundry boxes. You know those pedestals for the front loader machines that cost like $300 each?!
Right, those. Well, my dad made us a couple when we bought our machines because let's face it, I am way too cheap to pay that ridiculous price! Anyway, our friends just bought a new house and wanted similar boxes for their new machines. Since I'm not allowed to lift anything heavier than my water bottle, Bri tackled them for me while I gave orders observed from the sidelines.

Measuring and cutting and gluing and nailing and sanding and painting...
So that our friends could have these bad boys to put in their new laundry room. Hope they like em!

 Don't worry, we painted and finished them before delivery! :) They look more like this now:

Thanks honey, you're awesome!!


Marisa said...

awww, what a guy! He's very cute when he's concentrating :)

Carrie McCray said...

I do believe Marisa is hitting on your hubby ; )

the Hott Spott said...

Hahaha! He's very handy around the house. You can borrow him anytime but you can't keep him! :)

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