Sunday, October 07, 2012

It's Finally Fall

The weather has been playing tricks on us. The calendar tells us it's Fall but the temperatures sure don't. Yes it's definitely cooler than the 100+ degrees we were seeing a few weeks ago but it's not the 70s that I'd love for it to be! Heck, even cooler than that would be perfectly fine with me! I suppose my body temperature has been a bit higher these days due to the baby baking in the oven, but come on already, give us a real Fall!

Ok, enough whining. B has been working like crazy these last few weeks, taking advantage of the OT the company is offering, so A and I have been trying to fill our days with fun activities that distract from the fact that daddy's not home. Last week we got a chance to visit the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana with our McCrazy friends. They have a pass and we were their guests so we got in free. Score! Other than losing my phone there (and being without it for 3 days) we had a total blast! Anayah loved being able to run and touch anything she wanted without being scolded. Hehe.

Apparently riding the cat is more fun than just petting it...
 driving her tractor...
 planting and watering some flowers...
 building a space ship
 learning how to decorate a cake...(she really just liked pushing the button!)
 using a miter saw...that's my girl!
 watching some sock puppet show with the gang
 taking turns on the slide
 and playing with the big touch screen game!

She didn't keep still so getting a picture of her actually looking at the camera was a bit tricky but obviously you can tell that she had fun! Thanks again Care for inviting us! Looking forward to the next time when it's not the first Tuesday of the month! :) And yay to DSC for finding my phone and getting it back to me!!


Carrie McCray said...

Anytime! Today when I asked b who he thought was gonna meet us at disneyland, he excitedly said "anayah!" And when I said no he said "Mandi." Sorry kid, no free passes to that place!

the Hott Spott said...

Haha that kid is too funny! I have a friend who can get us "discount" tickets but a 1 day park hopper is still $100! Gotta save up for that for sure!!

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