Monday, October 15, 2012

More Fall Fun

On Saturday my mom and I took miss A to Julian to go apple picking. I've always wanted to go but seem to miss it every year. Granted the window of time to actually pick your own apples is like 2 weekends so I guess you just have to be in the know when it comes to apples. A lot of the orchards weren't even open for the 2012 season due to weather last year so when I found one that was still open I was super excited! We ended up going to Calico Ranch which is off the 78 a few miles before the actual town of Julian. We went early because I wanted to be able to get back on the road home in time for a decent nap for A. It ended up being a good call though because as we were leaving there were tons of people pouring into the orchard and the little town. Apparently everyone else wanted their fix of apples...oh and there was an Oktoberfest event as well!

 Learning how to twist the apples rather than pluck them...
 Giving it a try
 Looking for some good ones
 It started to get hot so she ditched the picking is serious business!
 Helping grandma fill her bag

 There weren't very many apples remaining on the trees and the ones that were there were all so tiny but A still had a blast twisting her little apples off! They were perfect for her little hands!
 Sampling the goods...
 I love this picture of her for some reason...
 Mouthful of apple is the only way to smile!

She and grandma had fun searching for apples in the middle of the trees or up so high that my mom had to lift A up as high as she could and tell her which apples to pick. It was really quite funny.

 After an hour or so our bag was full and it started getting hot so we packed it up and headed to the town of Julian to walk around and have some pie of course! Before we left she stopped for a quick picture with the scarecrows but refused to look at the camera! Silly girl.

For our first trip to Julian, I'd say it was a success! Can't wait to go again next year. Now I'm off to make a pie with all those apples we brought home!! Yum!

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