Monday, October 08, 2012

Pumpkin Time

B was off today so after a morning of church, baseball, and donuts, we took naps then headed to the local "pumpkin patch." There weren't as many pumpkins as one would expect for a pumpkin patch but it's still early and it really is mostly just rides and games for the kiddos. There happened to be a groupon for this particular patch including ride coupons and a credit towards pumpkins so you know I scooped that up! You'll remember we visited the pumpkins last year but this year was so fun to see A running around and actually able to go on some of the rides and pick out her own pumpkin.
Do I really need to tell you how much she LOVED the big slides?! She was so excited that she kept going again and again! Daddy was worn out by the time they were done!

heading up by herself...daddy went to rescue her when she got stuck.
 I love the pure delight on her face in these pictures...sorry so blurry, they were movin' fast!

 Can we go AGAIN?!

 all by herself...

 different slide this time

Looking for a special pumpkin...
I think I want this pumpkin, daddy.
Showing off her prize she won from the fishing game...
Sitting with our family pumpkins

And just for fun, here are is last year and this year:
 crazy what a difference a year makes!

See you guys next time!


erika said...

super super cute! she looks absolutely thrilled to be on that slide!

Carrie McCray said...

cute! love that excited face of hers! ok, you need to find a groupon for "Pump it up" or whatever bounce house place you have out there. She will be in HEAVEN! My boys love those places.

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