Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Recent "Avenchur"

Last week we made our annual trip to AZ for B's World Series Tournament. You can read more about last year's trip here. Well this was our first trip with me being preggo and an active toddler who doesn't like being in her carseat for longer than 30 min. Let's just say I really wasn't looking forward to the drive!! We didn't have to be there until Wednesday afternoon and I didn't really feel like leaving super late Tuesday night after B got home from work so we decided we'd leave early Wednesday morning and hope that A didn't get too antsy. In hopes of keeping her excited, I told her we were going on an adventure. "Avenchur?" was her reply. Yes, honey, an adventure. We talked about the hotel (and the pool) and daddy's baseball games, we talked about being in the car for a long time and all the fun things she could do when we get there. It seemed to go over well and we headed out early for our 5+ hour drive.

 Having fun at our second stop...going to catch the penguin.

I think we ended up making 3 or 4 stops along the way, not necessarily all for her, but stops nonetheless, which wasn't too bad. She had a meltdown toward the end of the trip but that's because it was past lunch time and close to nap time. I wanted her to nap at the hotel rather than in the car. Yeah, right mommy. There's too much too explore in a new hotel room!! Some highlights from the trip:

baseball of course

playing in the dirt/grass at daddy's games

chillin' in the hotel

coloring with daddy between games

more baseball

ummm, napping?! or eating twizzlers I suppose

Overall, the trip was a success. Even though B's team didn't make playoffs this year (hey they can't win EVERY year!) we had a good time. We headed home late Saturday night so A could sleep during the drive and we could have a day at home to recover. When we got home I asked A if she had fun on her adventure. She replied with "yes mommy, time for 'nother avenchur?" Sure thing, kiddo. You've got a really big adventure heading your way soon! :)


marilyn said...

Very Good!!! I really enjoy reading about your "Avenchurs" :)

Marisa said...

hehe. she's such a character! Glad it was a fun fam trip! SEe you soon!!! :)

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