Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Second Time Around

I'm feeling a bit guilty that I haven't blogged about this pregnancy as much as I did with the first. Granted, I now have much less time on my hands but still. I can at least make an effort right?! I mean, we haven't even taken ONE preggo picture yet!! (Other than this not so flattering cell phone pic)

On the brighter side, I'm definitely not as paranoid this time around! Most of my time during the first pregnancy was spent online researching every.little.thing, or scouring the thousands of baby books for more information about what was going on in that very second of my pregnancy. I know I drove B crazy!! This time around however, I'm much less crazy stressed. Everyone told me it would happen that way but it really is quite a shocker as to how much that is true. I guess I should keep up with this blog for our second little one so he or she doesn't feel jipped! Haha!

I'm 19 weeks...almost halfway!

I've gained approximately 15lbs (umm more than my entire first pregnancy!! Ugh.)

Other than the bacon cravings early on, I haven't really had any unusual cravings again.

No sickness (thank God), similar to last time around.

I've had way more headaches this time around...maybe being preggo in different seasons? Not sure.

I definitely started showing much earlier this time around and I definitely feel bigger, although looking at pictures I don't necessarily look bigger.  

Time is definitely going by faster and I can't believe it's almost halfway. Hopefully we will be finding out baby's gender this week! I really need to start brainstorming ideas for the new nursery/room. And we need to start thinking of names!! Man, February is gonna be here before we know it! So exciting :)

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