Saturday, July 24, 2010

Being Creative

I've been trying to work on projects that don't require a lot of strenuous activity. This has limited me to pretty much sewing and more sewing. The problem is I'm kind of sewn-out right now. I don't have any motivation to sew anything...probably because it's the only thing I know I'm allowed to do. So, I had to start getting creative. I knew there were things I could do sitting down that didn't involve my sewing machine right?! Case in point:

I was able to get some of baby girl's artwork taken care of
And spray paint a few of the baskets that are going on her shelves...(yes, I wore a mask!)
I even managed to organize her changing table area (after her daddy put it together, of course)
See, there are things I can do while on limited activity, I just had to be creative! Anxiously waiting on her bumper to arrive so I can put it all together. A successful "project" day though, and I even managed to still drink my water quota and rest in between! Doc would be proud.

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