Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just For Fun

So at my last baby shower, I told the girls that baby girl's name starts with the letter "A" and has six letters. I also shared that her middle name will be "Marie." We wanted a fun, unique name that wasn't too weird but that wasn't so common either. I thought it would be fun to see if people would guess which name we chose just knowing us and our criteria. Anyway, here are some names for you to choose from. (finding several "A" names with six letters was harder than I thought!) Which one of these do YOU think we chose??

1. Ashlyn
2. Ameena
3. Ansley
4. Anayah
5. Averie
6. Alanna
7. Ambria
8. Avanni

Here's a glimpse at a few details in her new room...maybe it will give you some inspiration! :)

Any guesses? We'd love to hear why you chose the one you did! Something to keep me occupied while I count down the days. Can't wait to hear your guesses! :)


Carrie McCray said...

I still think you are messing with us...I think you chose Arykah and dont want us to know...Right Erika?? ; )

Erika said...

ha! that DOES have SUCH a GREAT ring to it!!! :)

personally, my guess is: Anayah! although i don't know how to pronounce it!

Mom said...

Oh it must be Ameena, short for Fel"AMMENA" (Grandma's Name) lol not a clue Hun. I like Ansley and Averie. So if I had to choose I would choose Averie Marie Spottsville. Yep that sounds cute.

Anonymous said...

I am going Ansley or Alanna....Ambria is beautiful too...
Can't wait to meet baby excited that it will be sooner rather than later....

Carrie McCray said...

This could be bad...If no one guesses the right name, does that mean you are gonna change it?? ; )

Praying for you girl! Cant wait to meet Ms A. very soon!!

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