Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I ♥ Reading

I got a fun surprise at work today. E stopped by (well, she was in the area) to drop off all these goodies for me!! *sigh* Aren't they just beautiful?!

How can you NOT be so excited for me? I have always loved reading and if a book is good enough I can usually get through it in a couple of days...much to B's surprise. Sample conversation:
B: You're already on chapter 20? Didn't you just start that book this morning??
Me: Yeah, so? You know I love to read!!
B: Do you read all the words or just skim the pages?
Me: What are you talking about? Of course I read all the words!
B: Can I time you? (sometimes he says, Can I watch? or sometimes he just stares)
Me: No, that's weird.
Gotta love him! So anyway, thanks E for all my books. I'll pass them along when I'm done with them (yes, Care I'll send some your way too!) Isn't it fantastic to have friends who like to read as much as you do so you can share books?! Sweet! These all look like winners which means that I'll probably get caught up in them. So, if I miss a few blog posts here and there or don't answer emails, you know why! 
Just kidding.


Carrie McCray said...

YAY - I was hoping you would share! Thanks E!!

Erika said...

i love how my refusal to stand in line for the DMV somehow turned into "she was in the area"!! you were ON MY LIST! it was a planned/organized stop!

SOO glad i made the blog though! apparently all you have to do is waste your money on books and then pass them along to your friends! :) happy reading to both of you!

The Duke said...

I know how he feels. Crys is the exact same way.

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