Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Still Daylight??

I'm sitting at home at 6:28pm and it's still daylight outside. Wait, what are you talking about?! 

(Oh, thaaat's what the neighborhood looks like during the day) 
For the last few years I have been working a split shift...going in to work in the morning, having the afternoon off, then teaching a class at night. It was cool when it was just me, then when it was me and Bri it was still ok because we lived close so I wasn't home too late. Well, now that we commute to work (grrr) and I'm preggo working a split hasn't exactly been ideal. I had been getting home around 9:45pm...yes I said pm...which meant I always got home when it was already dark, never sat down to dinner with Bri, or even got to enjoy the sunset. Now please don't take my whining explaining the wrong way. I'm not complaining, just telling it like it is. I have been fortunate to only work 4 days a week this year, so it's kind of made up for being home so late.
Anyway, I'm rambling. The reason I am at home during daylight hours is because my dr. "recommended" that I work less hours during the day. And since my school is closing in June and I won't need all my sick hours for maternity leave, I'm using them now and not teaching my night class for the rest of the school year. That means I will be home much earlier. Like today. So I took advantage of this new found time.

I got to go on a walk with my husband...

AND sit down to a home cooked meal (of Chicken Parmigiana) with of his favorites!

And now I know what it's like to be home (at a normal hour) during the week. This might take some getting used to! Notice I said might :)

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