Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 22: Just Past Halfway

So according to one of my books, I am officially into my 6th month! According to a different book, I was into my 6th month at week 21. Seriously, these book editors need to get together and! How frustrating is it to read one thing in one book and something different in another book. Ugh. Almost makes me want to stop reading them...almost. Well regardless of what month I'm in, I am 22 weeks in and slightly more than halfway. Yes, I know I have so much more to come...everyone keeps telling me that...but I'm going to enjoy my milestone anyway. So, at 22 weeks I:

  • Have gained 4lbs so far (although after this vacation that might no longer be the case!)
  • Started feeling baby girl moving around A LOT more
  • Don't really have any cravings or weird requests (much to B's relief!)
  • Don't get as much sleep as I would like due to the tossing and turning at night
  • Am feeling pretty good

This pregnancy has been smooth sailing so far and we pray daily that it will continue throughout. Here's to the second half! Oh, thanks for all the birthday wishes was a good day! ♥

Don't mind the messy hair (yes, I do own a brush). It was late and I was heading to bed right after this...


    Carrie McCray said...

    Haha I love the brush part!

    Marisa said...

    yay!!!! I can see her now!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope the 2nd half is even better! :)

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