Saturday, May 08, 2010

DIY Framed Mirror

Yesterday I promised to show you the project I worked on and am so so excited about...

Well, when we moved into our house we were lucky enough to not only have big bathrooms, but big mirrors in those bathrooms. You know the kind. They are the builder grade mirrors that take up the whole wall above the sink. You know, that kind. Nothing fancy, but large and in charge.

This is the smallest of the 3 mirrors in the downstairs bathroom. You get the idea though...

Well we were lucky enough to have 3 of them in our house. I contemplated taking them off the walls and putting up framed mirrors but figured that would be such a tedious project. Besides, those framed mirrors don't come cheap! Well after some blog searching, discussion with creative neighbors, and scheming, I decided to just work with what I had and build my own frame.
So, I did. I based my "plan" on these two tutorials I found here and here. I trekked over to our local home improvement store and found the molding/trim combo that I liked best, picked up some liquid nails for mirrors, and headed home.

Here's the molding/trim before I cut it:

This is after they are cut and primed, just waiting to get painted:

Painted and ready to go!

Liquid Nails...not too close to the edge or else you will be able to see it in the reflection of the mirror:

It wasn't a difficult project, it just took some time to wait for the paint to dry. Here are the specs:
  • molding: $15
  • liquid nails: $6
  • paint and primer: I already had at home but it's about $3 per can
  • time: about 2 hours from start to finish
And the results? Ta Daa!:

I think it's FAN.TAS.TIC.!! It gives it that "extra" touch that it was missing and I think it looks so much better than just a mirror glued to the wall. Definitely more of a custom look than before. Whaddya think? And I made it all my myself! Now I just need to get B excited to help me do the upstairs mirrors. Those bad boys are too long for me to do by myself.

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Marisa said...

WOW!!! What a difference! LOVVVVE IT! I'm seriously impressed and I'm a contractor's daughter so I've seen a do-it-yourself project or 2 ;) you're seriously "handy mandi" hahah...isn't that a cartoon character? good job!!!! I think I MAY copy in my bathroom - it's already framed but I lovvvve the black, NEVER thought of it! and the blue? awesome! What's the color? (don't worry, I'm not gonna mimic your house! lol! Actually thinking of that color for the garage. ok, almost to baby girl's room?

marilyn said...


Carrie McCray said...

oh yeah, i like!!

jennking said...

Wow! Love!

the Hott Spott said...

Thanks ladies!

Maris- color is the same one we had in the apartment...I'm sure you've seen it. I think it's called Peacock Feathers from Behr. You might want to test it before you paint your entire garage. Might be too much for a space that big! :) Almost to baby girl's room!

Erika said...

very impressive, Candace!

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